imagineIsn’t it cool that we can imagine? I think that is super-cool. Jesus, Creator of the universe, created us with the ability to imagine. That is truly some kind of awesome right there that is.

So why is it tempting to undervalue imagination or not intentionally engage it as we grow older?

What if your daydreams meant more than just passing time? … What if they truly informed us of our current state of being?

What if we used our imaginations to emphasize the prayerful words pouring forth? … or even to pray the words we cannot say? … to envision an environment of worship?

The word imagine is rolling around in my head, and I like it!

Good Friday 2014 Meditation

good friday

Next month I will celebrate 22 years as a Christian. Each Good Friday has always carried with it a heaviness. It’s as if a melancholic air covers the Body of Christ (His church) as we remember and honor Jesus specifically for the crucifixion.

As believers, we can and should celebrate His resurrection every day. That said, many times Christians are uncomfortable with spending time thinking about the crucifixion; the specifics of the events and specifically how it applies personally. I honestly don’t blame them. It’s incredibly difficult to consider the depth of horror our Beloved, our Savior, experienced. Yet, that is what Good Friday invites us to do; remember, take it personally, and allow His love to speak to us through His sacrifice.

A Father’s Dance, A Son’s Joy

rob jude

This kid is cute. I mean … just cute as a button. His name is Jude. He has sandy blond hair and he loves worship time.

Jude and his parents always sat up front at church because Jude loves to dance around or jump in place. Of course, as little boys are want to do, he likes to run around a bit too. Jude has also been seen with his toy guitar in tow to play along with the band on a few occasions.

I told you … the kid is cute!

The cool thing about Jude is he likes to mix it up … he’s a squirmer. Tina is very good at giving Jude some freedom but is quite the Jude wrangler sometimes. She loves her son. You can tell.