Repost: “A Profound Moment – Reflecting On The Exodus Closing Announcement”

exodus logoThis post from my old blog has been brought to my attention several times within the past couple of weeks so I thought I would repost it for the record. I have only slightly edited it for information (ongoing) that is no longer relevant. For those that don’t know, or didn’t read this on my old blog, the particular night referenced below is one of the most powerful experiences I have had. This post was originally written July 8th, 2013.

On June 19th 2013, during the opening night of the Exodus Freedom Conference, I sat on the front row. Leslie was to my right and  Kathy and the Exodus board to my left. All of us were providing each other, and Alan, support as we knew that Alan was making one of the most important keynote speeches of his life. He announced that Exodus is closing.

It was excruciating. The tension, the excitement, the knowledge of what was about to be said … my heart was racing and the tears came and went … to come back again. I had known that night was coming for a while, but there is a difference between knowing and experiencing.

It was quite the profound experience.

A Big Reluctant Adjustment Turned Into Even Bigger Blessing

gym equipment

A few weeks ago I decided to start working out in the morning before my workday begins. This has literally been one of the best personal decisions I have made in a long time.

Not only am I getting a good workout first thing in the AM, and not having to worry with it the rest of the day, I am sleeping so much better! For the first time in my adult life (not kidding), most nights I am actually in bed and ready to sleep by 10:30-11pm. Sometimes earlier! That is major for a dude who has never willfully gone to sleep before midnight/1am his entire adult life.

I have also found I am in a consistently better mood too because my day or evening isn’t being interrupted. Working out has gone from being a distracting chore to being a great way to wake up and set a positive tone for the day.

This, is shocking to me.

What I thought would be a huge life adjustment that would be a pain in the you know what to get used to has turned into a much bigger blessing than expected. I know this wouldn’t work for everyone. It didn’t for me before I was self-employed and had the flexibility to give it a whirl. But if you feel something tugging at you to give it a try yourself, I highly encourage it.

Of Heart & Mind

heart fixed

I can confidently say that God wired me to be an intuitive “feelings-first” type of person. I trust my feelings and intuition because that is, no question, how God made me. The problem is that in my efforts to test and find the meaning behind the intuition, I can be lazy and simply “assume” something to be true. Based on my gut feeling, I can explain away a situation or judge a relationship without actually paying attention to discovering the broader context of known facts. I do that much less now that I have gotten a bit older, but it can still be a struggle. I have learned to not act on my feelings before prayer, investigation, and reflection.

All that said, God also wired me with a brain and the ability to analyze and apply logic. I might be a feelings-first type of person, but I am not properly engaging the broad range of gifts God has given me if I only make decisions based on how I feel.