Card Of The Month – “The Last Leaf Of Summer” (Order Some or Join the COTM Here)

The Last Leaf of Summer

The_Last_Leaf_of_Summer_150_copyrightI am excited about this drawing, “The Last Leaf of Summer.” It is definitely one of my favorites. It will be featured as this month’s Card Of The Month (COTM). To me it is a beautiful reminder of the warmth, refreshing water, growth of summer and also the transition to fall. Truly, it is one of my favorites that I never get tired of looking at.

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The cards themselves will not have the title and copyright lettering on the front with the drawing. It will simply be the leaf and my signature. The title will be on the back of the card, and as usual the inside will be blank. Envelopes are provided with the cards.

I will take orders up through Sunday and place the printing order on Monday August 25th. Hopefully I will have the COTM cards in the mail to you all on Wednesday August 27th and start shipping out the individual orders Thursday and Friday after that.

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UPDATE 8/25/2014 –  The initial ordering period is over but if you would like to order some of these cards or are interested in buying the original artwork, contact me through my online contact form. And you can join the Card Of The Month Club any time, it is super easy. Check out this video to learn how.

“Favor” – Movie Review


A friend of mine from high school, Patrick Day, is in an independent film titled “Favor.” Here is the trailer:

Pictures___Photos_of_Patrick_Day_-_IMDbAnd here is the IMDB movie summary:

Kip’s perfect life is put in jeopardy when the waitress with whom he’s having a casual fling is accidentally killed in their motel room. Desperate, he turns to childhood friend and loser, Marvin, to help get rid of the body. Marvin agrees which begins the unraveling of their friendship and ultimately leads both to murderous acts they never thought themselves capable of. – Written by Leslie Wimmer Osborne

Patrick plays the “loser” character of Marvin. In real life Patrick is a great guy. So, it is so obvious that he did an excellent job playing Marvin because Marvin is super creepy.

SUPER-creepy … crrrrrreEEEEEEpy.

It was disturbing watching this great kid from high school, now all grown up, playing such a disturbed middle-aged dude :).

I will be honest, while I know Patrick is a great actor … I was kind of expecting the rest of the acting to be horrible. Not all small budget films have horrible acting, of course, but many do and it can be a downer. “Favor” actually had good acting. There were a couple of moments that were eye-roll worthy, but that was more about the setting (for me) than the actors.

Taking a Deep Breath

no limits

Tomorrow is my 46th birthday. Normally I start announcing it … loudly and often … for up to two weeks prior. This year it has come up in passing, and while I still expect a parade to honor this wondrous event, I haven’t been hyping it as much as usual.

Maybe my “mellow out” age is 46? ::: laugh ::: I still want a parade though … that’s not wrong is it? … what?

For a little while now I have been humbled by how much the gay vs ex-gay (and vice-versa) debates had defined me. While in the ex-gay movement, I always knew that I had a life beyond that realm. Lately, the humbling part of actually living life beyond Exodus, is the realization of how some of the polarization found in that movement did define my identity. A bit shockingly, its influence on my vision for my personal future was much more than I realized, or cared to admit.