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Health & Fitness Update for Sept. 20 2014

Health & Fitness Update for Sept. 20 2014: so excited to have crossed not only the 70 pounds lost threshold but am also out of the 200’s! :)

BLOGGED spy museum
The Story Behind The Photo: I Kept Breaking Rules In DC Establishments

This photo was taken August 19th, 2003 at the Spy Museum in Washington DC. I was SO afraid of communism! (not) Can’t you tell?! I was told by a staffer that if I didn’t quit taking pictures I would be asked to leave the museum.

This was the start of my taking pictures in various DC venues and getting in trouble for breaking the rules. On one trip, I was told in no uncertain terms by Capitol Hill Police that if I took one more picture I would have my camera confiscated. I thought their tone was rude. I said, “I didn’t know I couldn’t take a picture in “the people’s” Senate building. The officer pointed to a plaque maybe three feet away that I hadn’t noticed. It said that flash photography would hurt the paintings. I turned beet red. #ShouldNoticeThatKindaStuff

Then one time I was wandering around trying to get an artsy weird angled pic of an American Flag outside some building. A police officer came up to me and brusquely said, “WHAT are you doing sir?” I thought that was a stupid question and I said, “Apparently I am trying to get a good picture of that flag.” I just kept on snapping pictures. He stood in front of me and blocked my view. “Sir, I am going to have to ask you to reconsider taking pictures here because it looks conspicuous. You are taking pictures of the Department of Justice Building. ” I didn’t realize it, and figured it out later, that I was taking pictures of the outside of John Ashcroft’s office (the Attorney General then). Since it was only a couple of years after 9/11, it wasn’t the best idea to be taking weird angle photos outside of the Attorney General’s office. I must have turned beet red again because the cop’s tone changed, “so you understand why I am asking you to stop?” #YesSir #Oopsy  I am still not sure that I didn’t have a right to take those pictures, but I agreed that it did look “conspicuous” so I stopped.

And that’s the story behind the photo :)

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We Will Never Forget …