Vicki with Grace
Vicki With “Grace”!

This is my friend Vicki who purchased one of my iPad drawings, “Grace”, and hung it up on the wall at her work. That is so cool Thanks Vicki!

frog cards
“Frog – 2014″ 5×7 Inch Cards Are Available!

To Learn more, click here and read more about this happy little frog drawing, some reactions to it from across the web, and purchase information if you’re interested.

::: ribbit ::: <– couldn’t resist. :)

“Across The Spectrum” – Card Of The Month for June 2014 is in!

The cards for this month are in! “Across The Spectrum” is the design and it is in full vibrant color :). The insert I will include with this states:

Dear Friends,

This month’s design was inspired by the question, “What is your favorite color?” My answer is “All of them!”

This drawing reminds me of the full spectrum of words we use as well. They bubble up in our mind, take shape, flow out into the world, inspire more thought, and finally find their home in our “documented” life.

The scripture that comes to mind is Peter’s beautiful response to Jesus in John 6:68, “Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life …”

I hope you enjoy “Across The Spectrum.” May your words be life-giving and always seasoned with grace!

~ Blessings, Randy

If you are already on my Card Of The Month (COTM) list… I will be dropping these in the mail Monday. If you are not a member of the COTM yet, and would like to learn more about how to join, watch this short video to learn more. Have a great day!

Downtown Los Angeles At Night

I took this pic at 10:50pm on March 1st, 2006 while riding in the passenger seat of a car through the heart of downtown Los Angeles. We were going back to the hotel after a speaking engagement earlier. I love big cities and while this photo was an accident…it’s actually my favorite pic from that trip :)

Art Update: May 27, 2014

Art Update: Went back over the red in the trees one more time, and added the first layer of detailing to them. There is quite a bit more detailing to come for them, the orb, and of course the brown areas. Once that is done I will see if I need to do anything else to the sky.

Did you know there was a sky part :)?

I am really enjoying this painting!

Art Update: May 26, 2014

Art Update: This afternoon I got to work on that orb and … it is almost finished. Of course the painting is not close to finish and my artistic angst is in full effect because now the orb is out of balance with the rest :). That said, in my head it all works out!


Created In And By Love To Love

We are often taught to qualify, and place stringent boundaries around our love. Frequently, we are also taught that it is more appropriate to withdraw love than to “send the wrong message.”

How awful.

The scriptures show that God wants us to love Him with our whole being, in response to His loving us with His whole Being. He wants us to love one another as ourselves. He even wants us to love our enemies. Love’s song sings loudest and clearest in Christ’s atonement and resurrection. He wants us to love completely, sacrificially, joyfully, and without reservation. If God told us to love even our enemies … who exactly is off-limits from His, your, ability to love?

No one. Not a single person.

God revealed that “love”, above all else, is the single motivation for sending His Son into the world. It is the primary description of our Heavenly Father’s character and desire. We who bear His Image, want to have love, in all its depth of meaning and mystery. But, is love our main character attribute? … and motivator?

We are created by Love Personified to love Him and love others. We reflect Him gloriously when we operate in and display love. We don’t need permission to do what we are created to do. We love because it comes naturally for us to do so. For those in Christ, we love freely because we have been supernaturally born again, liberated, and empowered to love unhindered.

When it comes to love don’t wait, be who you are, and do.

Tree Of Life 3 COTM
May’s Card Of The Month – “Tree Of Life #3″

Well, the cards are in! I am excited to get these into the mail tomorrow. I am so appreciative of every person who has joined my Card Of the Month (COTM) club! If you haven’t joined and would like to learn more, I have made the video below to explain how the COTM started and why it is easily one of my favorite projects.

If you are already on the list, your cards will be in the mail tomorrow. If you aren’t on the list, please consider joining to help support Randy.Today and my artistic pursuits.

Thanks :)