H and F 9 20 2014 Centered
Health & Fitness Update for Sept. 20 2014

Health & Fitness Update for Sept. 20 2014: so excited to have crossed not only the 70 pounds lost threshold but am also out of the 200’s! :)

BLOGGED spy museum
The Story Behind The Photo: I Kept Breaking Rules In DC Establishments

This photo was taken August 19th, 2003 at the Spy Museum in Washington DC. I was SO afraid of communism! (not) Can’t you tell?! I was told by a staffer that if I didn’t quit taking pictures I would be asked to leave the museum.

This was the start of my taking pictures in various DC venues and getting in trouble for breaking the rules. On one trip, I was told in no uncertain terms by Capitol Hill Police that if I took one more picture I would have my camera confiscated. I thought their tone was rude. I said, “I didn’t know I couldn’t take a picture in “the people’s” Senate building. The officer pointed to a plaque maybe three feet away that I hadn’t noticed. It said that flash photography would hurt the paintings. I turned beet red. #ShouldNoticeThatKindaStuff

Then one time I was wandering around trying to get an artsy weird angled pic of an American Flag outside some building. A police officer came up to me and brusquely said, “WHAT are you doing sir?” I thought that was a stupid question and I said, “Apparently I am trying to get a good picture of that flag.” I just kept on snapping pictures. He stood in front of me and blocked my view. “Sir, I am going to have to ask you to reconsider taking pictures here because it looks conspicuous. You are taking pictures of the Department of Justice Building. ” I didn’t realize it, and figured it out later, that I was taking pictures of the outside of John Ashcroft’s office (the Attorney General then). Since it was only a couple of years after 9/11, it wasn’t the best idea to be taking weird angle photos outside of the Attorney General’s office. I must have turned beet red again because the cop’s tone changed, “so you understand why I am asking you to stop?” #YesSir #Oopsy  I am still not sure that I didn’t have a right to take those pictures, but I agreed that it did look “conspicuous” so I stopped.

And that’s the story behind the photo :)

full never forget
We Will Never Forget …
Vicki with Grace
Vicki With “Grace”!

This is my friend Vicki who purchased one of my iPad drawings, “Grace”, and hung it up on the wall at her work. That is so cool Thanks Vicki!