Grace Underway – Update


I am four days short of not having posted anything to the blog in a month! I have missed you my little blog {{{HUGS}}}!

New Job

I started a new online content and social media job on November 17th. I love it! At first I was working on my personal clients after work hours. Basically I ended up working umpteen hours a day. This resulting in simply having no time to write for my blog or create any new artwork.

It’s too long to try to explain, and probably not that interesting to others, but I am gently transitioning my ongoing personal clients to the client list at my new job. That way I can do what I am doing for them during normal working hours along with all the other fun stuff I get to do for my new employer. As this transition happens I am starting to regain some personal creative time. It feels good to get some time for personal writing and art.

By the way, I know I have mentioned it but if it needs to be said again, I LOVE my new job. LOVE it. Since it is exactly what I was doing while self-employed plus other fun creative projects … love it. I love my new boss. I love the work environment; all of my office friends…it’s just great. And look at my company car:


Ok… truth be told … that is not my company car. SO sorry for that little fib :). I don’t have a company car and I drive a humble Ford … that I am very grateful for :). However, because of the new gig, I enjoyed being a worker-bee at a very fancy/nice/hoity-toity event Friday night. I got to stand next to sparkly things like this McLaren P1. Santa got a whopper of a Christmas list from me this year!

Health & Fitness Update

Over Thanksgiving I have taken a break from creating the weekly badges/videos about my health and fitness updates. This may extend through the rest of the holidays. Like last year, I am *not* going to be strict with my diet during the holidays. I am still tracking what I eat, still listening to my body, still exercising 4 to 5 times a week … but not being strict or feeling guilty for enjoying holiday parties and meals. I spent too many holiday seasons feeling guilty about eating too much at every event. Whether I ate too much or not, I always felt guilty. Last year was the first time (in a long time) I didn’t feel guilty while not giving up all the good that I have learned either. This year is the same. I am enjoying time at parties and meals while naturally employing/enjoying what I have learned.

I am going to enjoy the holidays by keeping a healthy perspective without guilt tripping myself into temporary behavioral adjustments. Legalism can rob the joy out of just about everything and is only good for producing temporary shame-based behavioral modification. Grace produces freedom to enjoy personal responsibility and informed stewardship. This is the path to a healthy life.


The last few years have been difficult, and wonderful. Interesting how those two descriptors often go hand in hand. I was telling a friend over coffee yesterday that I am just over here “living my little celibate life, and trying to not be an a*hole.” He thought that was funny and should be the title of my memoir if I ever get it written. I love Jesus, He loves me. We’re good because He’s Wonderful.

Well, I think that is it for this post. I will continue to blog when I can. I appreciate you. I would love to hear how you are doing or any thoughts you may have in the comments below. You can also contact me privately (on social media or here.)

Much love,



Health & Fitness Update: Introducing Super Sweatin’ My A* Off Man

Weekly Update

Yay! Health & Fitness Update!  I am a little shocked that I lost this week. I mean it is National Candy Week Halloween. I totally had some treats throughout the week. I had some bite-sized Mrs. Field’s mini-cookies (5 Weight Watchers Points for 3) and Russell Stover chocolates (2 points a piece). I even had pepperoni pizza (9 points a slice) for lunch yesterday. Plus, I missed one of my workouts Wednesday because I was at an event with a new client and potential new clients a long way away from the gym..

You know what worked this week? Being aware and tracking … everything. I still got four workouts in, and while I used all my daily points, weekly points and some activity points (I rarely dip into activity points), I was diligent to track everything. There wasn’t a moment I felt out of control or just blindly eating away. I enjoyed every bite, without guilt. That’s a really good thing.

Exercise-wise, I brought weight training back into the mix this week. Only doing cardio for a solid hour was boring me silly. So I do 10 minutes of cardio on the elliptical to warm up (get that heart rate going), 30-40 minutes of regular weight training (not lounging on the machines in between sets either :)) and ending with 20 more minutes of some pretty intense cardio on the ArcTrainer. I’ve noticed that I change this up every two to three months. Changing it up from time to time works for me and I hear is also good for my body.

A Halloween Street Party Adventure

Graphic Credit: Dexter's

Graphic Credit: Dexter’s

I looked at my friend John and said, “Her Pirate costume defies the laws of physics.”

I seriously do not know how she could breathe, much less remain contained within her costume’s …umm… frame. In other words, it was super skimpy tight and she had a LOT to contain …

I will stop there.

My friend John was visiting from out-of-town this past weekend and we went out to have a cigar. The cigar bar, Coronas, is in a little strip of restaurants that is a popular area in Lake Mary. While there, they had sectioned off one of the side-streets for a Halloween street party. Pirate Girl, excuse me, Pirate Woman! (hear her AAARRGH!) was one of the early arrivals.

We stood around and I had a blast people-watching. There was plenty to observe as I stood there bopping around to the music. John seemed to enjoy the experience as well but left long before I did.

Y’all, these people were amazing …