A Halloween Street Party Adventure

Graphic Credit: Dexter's

Graphic Credit: Dexter’s

I looked at my friend John and said, “Her Pirate costume defies the laws of physics.”

I seriously do not know how she could breathe, much less remain contained within her costume’s …umm… frame. In other words, it was super skimpy tight and she had a LOT to contain …

I will stop there.

My friend John was visiting from out-of-town this past weekend and we went out to have a cigar. The cigar bar, Coronas, is in a little strip of restaurants that is a popular area in Lake Mary. While there, they had sectioned off one of the side-streets for a Halloween street party. Pirate Girl, excuse me, Pirate Woman! (hear her AAARRGH!) was one of the early arrivals.

We stood around and I had a blast people-watching. There was plenty to observe as I stood there bopping around to the music. John seemed to enjoy the experience as well but left long before I did.

Y’all, these people were amazing …

Regaining Clarity: Back To Blogging & Work Update


After what felt like a jolt of clarity, Saturday I mentioned on my personal Facebook profile that I made an important decision. The decision was about my work situation.

About a month ago I started a new administrative position with a local chiropractor’s office. Their practice is only open three days a week and the first two weeks I only worked one day. At the time I thought it would be the perfect part time job, and the money was decent for a part-time position.

So when the doctor hired me, I stopped looking for another position. I respect the doctor and had a great time with his client’s but I will confess, it was difficult for me on several levels. It was tough, humbling, and yet something determined to make work. I am not one to give up. The Doctor said that I was doing a good job. The woman training me stated I was “a natural.” They were both so encouraging, but I kept coming home prayerful. I kept trusting that that God will manifest His will, and that my limited view would not stifle my talents.

It was disappointing that I did not have any time to do any writing either. I had not written anything for my blog or book in almost a month. I had not been creating any new artwork either. It was disheartening to not be able to see those “loves” on the horizon.

Then something happened that was like a jolt back to reality. A friend contacted me and said that he thought I would be able to help one of his clients. He and I have worked together in the past (he builds fantastic high-end websites). The person he connected me with owns a PR firm in the area. We connected the next day, and had a fantastic phone conversation. I met with the PR firm exec on Saturday morning and two hours later they had hired me for a trial of thirty days. This also has the potential to turn into something more (and fun) with their firm.

Murray and Mohamed: Team M & M

shirt tie

Last week I began to look for a part to full-time job. After submitting my resume to a number of places, I had an interview last Friday. As I was planning for the interview, I thought I had some nice skinny clothes in the deep recesses of my closet from 2006; leftovers from the last time I briefly lost a lot of weight.  When I went to the deep recesses of my closet, it turns out that those clothes were actually too big or too worn out to wear again … EIGHT years later! What was I thinking?

So I went shopping and couldn’t find crap.

Somewhat late into the evening I went to a kind of expensive men’s store. I was desperate. It was there that I met Murray and Mohamed. Yes, that is their real first names and they had to have been in their 60’s. Both looked dapper in their suits. Murray was a skinny man who looked like he would be the cool empathetic counselor/artistic type of Uncle. Mohamed was all business, small in frame, warm but very intentional eyes. Also, Mohamed had no problem upending everything to get me the exact right size.

They had a lot of folding to redo after I left.