Of Blogging, Art & Armadillos

Lately it has been really hard to get my own blogging done during the week because of my client workload being heavy (a good thing), starting to do videos again, and making sure I take time at night to paint/draw (life-giving to me.) However, I do post to social media quite regularly so I will post some of the recent art updates and the armadillo video from this morning below :)

I LOVE writing and blogging and will continue to do that as I am able. It’s just lately my writing, online content management, and editing skills have been directed toward my clients :). That said, I might do catchall posts like this one so Randy.Today blog readers will get a chance to see what I am doing on my social feeds. I would love to connect with you there too. As always thanks for reading and friendship!

And here is Arnie… the armadillo :)

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