Veterans Day 2014

combat veterans to careers

I am forever grateful for the men and women who have bravely served our country with dedication and incredible sacrifice. This includes my family members who are veterans (especially my brother Jimmy), much love to you!

At a recent event I met David Booth who is the President/CEO of Combat Veterans to Careers. From their website:

Combat Veterans to Careers (CVC) was founded in The Villages in May 2012 with the commitment to serve our nation’s combat veterans and their families. Since our inception, we’ve assisted more than 25 veteran families in the area of education, employment, housing and wellness.

CVC has partnered with local residents, clubs, businesses, colleges and VA offices to bring combat veterans and their families “home” to a community that embraces them and provides education, understanding and meaningful employment to minimize hardships.

In addition to counseling, housing, career and educational opportunities, we provide veterans with opportunities to deliver services beyond themselves. This is essential to successfully reconnecting with others in the community, and is a large part of why many veterans were led to serve their country in the first place.

Accessing care and benefits through the VA, utilizing earned education benefits, training for civilian careers, securing affordable housing and developing a quality resume package are just a few of the ways we continue to help our veterans transition back into civilian life.

This organization is amazing and I will do what I can to help support this effort. Please consider supporting Combat Veterans to Careers or similar efforts nationwide.

Our Veterans deserve respect and our willingness to serve them with hearts of gratitude. Please consider how you can best bless, thank, and help our US Veterans.

Health & Fitness Update: I Can See My Clavicles!

Weekly Update!

If you don’t know what a “clavicle” is … where were you in high school biology? Click here to learn more about  the clavicles you missed  while skipping biology class.

Yes! I lost two more pounds last week for a total of 84.6 pounds! As has been said a million times, “slow and steady whens the race.”

The reason I titled this update the way I did is because if I actually lived with someone (I don’t, unless my other personalities count … #kindaJoking) they might have overheard me in the bathroom mirror saying, “Wow… I can REALLY see my clavicles now!”

That was an exciting moment.

My clavicles were not visible 84.6 pounds ago. They slowly started being revealed as the fat burned off. Now my other personalities think I have sexy clavicles now.

My supermodel career is SO close! ::: laugh :::

What worked for me this week was eating more protein and bananas. Once I upped my game with the weight training aspect of my gym routine, I was hungry all the time. Now I am using more of my points for healthy proteins and added a banana a day. Good stuff.

What also worked? Not turning on the TV at night … at all… all week (thank goodness for Hulu+ :)). I spent the evenings drawing on my iPad. I think that drawing/painting (for me) is as important and healthy as going to the gym.

Ok that’s it for this week. If you too are amazed at rediscovering your clavicles after weight-loss, or had no idea you even have clavicles, I’d love to here your thoughts. Have a great day!

“Never Not Broken” – Book Review

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.34.06 PM

Click the image to go to Amazon to learn more about “Never Not Broken.”

I have been an unabashed Yvette Schneider fan for … ever. I can’t remember the first time we met. But, I do remember feeling like a total fan-boy when I had my first chance to really talk with her. We were on a shuttle after a protest at an APA convention.

Those were the days … ugh.

We met through Exodus International. What I love about Yvette is she is pretty darn straight-forward about her life and journey. She is intelligent, funny, and always “present” in our conversations. As our friendship grew over time, I began to have a love for her, her husband Paul, and their daughters Erica and Jessica. When we began to work together at Exodus, one of my favorite regular “meetings” was any opportunity to talk with Yvette.

Over time, I wouldn’t say we were estranged, we simply lost contact for a while. When I learned that Yvette had written a book, I connected with her on Facebook and began to catch up on her life. Of course I also bought her book. :)