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“Frog – 2014″ 5×7 Inch Cards Are Available!

To Learn more, click here and read more about this happy little frog drawing, some reactions to it from across the web, and purchase information if you’re interested.

::: ribbit ::: <– couldn’t resist. :)

Dog Days of Summer Blogabattical

Between writing my collection of true stories (for the book I mentioned), helping Kathy with her book, taking care of clients, and trying to get some painting in… blogging here needs to take a break for a little while. That said, I am always “micro-blogging” :) on my social networks. Let’s connect at Facebook, on Twitter, or Instagram. I post on these networks really regularly. See you there!

Chased, Caught


This post was published on Dr. Kathy’s blog back in June. She wrote this as an introduction:

Today I’ve invited Randy Thomas to blog for me. He begins with a beautiful illustration from friends and contrasts their father-son relationship with his own. You may be able to relate to Randy’s sadness and grief. But, keep reading, because Randy writes about God becoming his new Father and that changes everything. Everything. He writes about the chase and I love how it ends. I wonder if you’re familiar with it. Read to find out. – Kathy

Four-year-old Isaac, with a flash of his bright eyes and curly blond hair, could pretty much convince you to do just about anything. That boy is a handful and all you can do is smile as you pull him off the next piece of furniture.

The staff were all gathered together for lunch one day when Isaac came by the office, along with his mother and sister, to visit his dad. After the meal was over, Isaac ran around the conference table taunting his father, “Catch me Daddy!” Every time he passed one of the guys that had gathered around for lunch, we would growl and try to hook him with our arms. He giggled that 4-year-old sunshine of a giggle, eluding our scary traps as he playfully derided us, “I passed you!”

“Lately, he likes to be chased and get caught,” his dad later explained to me.

Exciting New Book Projects (Updates and Personal Announcement)

hands keyboard typing

Lately I have helped other friends with their books and that has sparked a new personal book project! I have been so excited it has been hard to sleep the past couple of nights. :)

If you are someone I am connected with on social media, you might have seen various posts lately about how I have the honor of working with Dr. Kathy Koch as she writes her new book “Screens And Teens: Connecting With Our Kids In A Wireless World.” So far I have done background research and given feedback on what she is writing as she writes it.

So fun.

This comes on the heels of doing the same type of content/writing feedback for another friend’s memoir, Jennifer Allison (aka The Rambunctious Kid.)

Seriously, I am loving these kind of projects.  While I haven’t been a part of his writing process, I am of course very excited for Alan Chambers who has worked very hard on his new book that is due out next year.

The Highly Entertaining Yet Impractical Use Of An Elliptical Machine

Brad Pitt played a character given to similar antics in the 2008 movie "Burn After Reading."
Brad Pitt played a character given to similar antics in the 2008 movie "Burn After Reading."

Brad Pitt played a character given to similar lip syncing gym concerts in the 2008 movie “Burn After Reading.” It was the funniest part of the movie (in my opinion).

She was kind of peddling the elliptical in a manner fitting for an elliptical machine, but that didn’t matter… girlfriend had turned it into a dance floor!

You know, when you go dancing and the floor is packed, you really don’t need a lot of square footage to get your groove on. For those of us gifted with grooviness, we don’t have to have a lot of foot action as the rhythms take over our whole body. Like it or not, pretty or not… it’s our show and away we go!

Wiggle Waggle Womp! <— I do not know exactly what that is; it just happened.

As a friend in high school said while teaching me to dance to Cameo’s Single Life, “Don’t dance to the music, let the music dance you!”

While I haven’t gone club-hopping in many moons, I was thoroughly entertained the other day by a fellow Gym Goer’s thoroughness in making sure that whatever song she was listening to got FULLY expressed through movement. While going through the motions of being on an elliptical machine, somehow she was possessed by Beyonce and delivered a gym stopping highly entertaining performance.

She had on a pair of grey spandex shorts; stretched to their maximum capacity, with an equally tight top. Her hair was piled high on top. It was Chaka Khan‘ish, and her complexion was radiant. Full figured, fully beautiful, and in full motion.

… lots and lots of motion …

She was two rows in front of me to the left. Overall, about 40 feet away. She caught everyone’s attention because with, and I am not kidding, the amount of body rolling hip swaying she was doing… it’s a bonafide miracle she didn’t fall off that machine. Not only that, even though she didn’t fall off, I was concerned she might take out the people to her right and left through second-hand centrifugal force! She was not singing out loud, but she might as well of been; her nonverbals and lip-synching would have put any Pop Princess to shame.

She was totally feeling that song. I mean feeeeeeling it … deep within her soul feeling it.

When she got to a really heated verse, out whipped the pointy-fingered-neck-swivel that let you know… she was not one to be trifled with!

I have to admit… this part of her performance made me chuckle out loud.

When she eventually climbed down off the elliptical, the concert was over. A few other gym goers actually yelled to her, “HEY! HEY!!!… what song where you listening to?” She smiled and took out her ear buds. I didn’t hear her response, but I was impressed that she didn’t act shy at all. She had a short conversation with them. Smiling, she confidently left the cardio area.

I am happy that I am not the only one to ever get busted for holding my own concert while on the elliptical machine. My specialty is air-guitar.

Over 50 Pounds Down And No Looking Back! (Health & Fitness Update)

Over 50 pounds down! I am so excited … had to do a video. :)


Of Blogging, Art & Armadillos


Lately it has been really hard to get my own blogging done during the week because of my client workload being heavy (a good thing), starting to do videos again, and making sure I take time at night to paint/draw (life-giving to me.) However, I do post to social media quite regularly so I will post some of the recent art updates and the armadillo video from this morning below :)

Fourth of July Sushi, Prayer Request For Elbow, And Down Again This Week! (Health & Fitness Update)


Here is today’s health and fitness update!  I appreciate those of you who read these and are supportive. I find that these weekend updates are helpful for me to do because it gives me a chance to evaluate the week and enjoy this journey a little more deeply. It’s how I roll :)

The Weight Loss Part

As of today I weighed in for Weight Watchers(WW) at 222.2. I lost another 1.6 pounds last weekThe rundown:

  • May 14, 2013: Was at 270 … total net loss to date, 47.8 pounds
  • On May 17, 2014 (Rejoined WW after stopping for three months) I weighed 238.2. Since rejoining I have lost 16 pounds

Independence Day – My Freedom Gratitude List (Happy 4th of July!)

4th of july

Happy Birthday America! Man, I love my country :)!  One of the best ways to celebrate freedom, not the only way but one of the best, is to show gratitude. So here is a mostly random gratitude list for today and I challenge you to make one yourself. In no particular order except for the first one :)

  • Eternal Freedom found in Jesus Christ :)
  • The earthly freedoms we have here in the United States.
  • The freedom to pursue Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • The men and women who fought for, and some who even died, to obtain and defend our freedom.
  • Living unhindered by legalism and embracing the freedom of pure grace instead.
  • Activia yogurt (just ate some so … made the list.) Not sure how freedom oriented this one is but … at this moment it is important.
  • Friends and family who accommodate the freedom to be healthy, honest, and authentic.
  • The freedom to live in a high-tech/online world without being enslaved by it :)
  • The freedom of self-determination.
  • The freedom to embrace or to walk away.
  • The freedom to take a stand and/or apologize. The freedom to forgive.
  • The freedom to respectfully disagree.
  • The freedom to assemble … for any reason.
  • The freedom to know and be known; to love and be loved.

And I could go on and on but I think I will stop there. What freedom(s) are you grateful for today?