Health & Fitness Update! Of Magical Side Dishes, Backlava, And Freedom From Guilt


If you missed my health and fitness update on my public Facebook page last Saturday, and are interested :), here it is again. Thanks to those who have been cheering me on!

Murray and Mohamed: Team M & M

shirt tie

Last week I began to look for a part to full-time job. After submitting my resume to a number of places, I had an interview last Friday. As I was planning for the interview, I thought I had some nice skinny clothes in the deep recesses of my closet from 2006; leftovers from the last time I briefly lost a lot of weight.  When I went to the deep recesses of my closet, it turns out that those clothes were actually too big or too worn out to wear again … EIGHT years later! What was I thinking?

So I went shopping and couldn’t find crap.

Somewhat late into the evening I went to a kind of expensive men’s store. I was desperate. It was there that I met Murray and Mohamed. Yes, that is their real first names and they had to have been in their 60’s. Both looked dapper in their suits. Murray was a skinny man who looked like he would be the cool empathetic counselor/artistic type of Uncle. Mohamed was all business, small in frame, warm but very intentional eyes. Also, Mohamed had no problem upending everything to get me the exact right size.

They had a lot of folding to redo after I left.

Card Of The Month – “September Abstraction 2014″

Canva September Abstraction 2014

This drawing, “September Abstraction 2014,” is the Card Of The Month (COTM) because I dreamed that it would be. I know weird but … look at it. It’s kind of dreamy :). I like this design a lot and always feel a sense of peace when I look at it. It also seems to be a mix of classic and new “abstract” art.

If you’d like, you can order some extra (or on their own if you aren’t a member of the COTM Club) safely and securely through the PayPal button below.

If you would like to support Randy.Today and my artistic/writing efforts by joining the COTM, there is a video at the bottom of the post (or near the top of the sidebar) to explain how to join that as well. The video features my site before I made the latest color changes (and added a skinnier pic to the sidebar #laugh :))… but the sign up process all works exactly the same.

The cards themselves will not have the title and copyright lettering on the front with the drawing. It will simply be the design and my signature. The title will be on the back of the card, and as usual the inside will be blank. Envelopes are provided with the cards.

I will take orders up through Sunday and place the printing order on Monday September 22nd. Hopefully I will have the COTM cards in the mail to you all on Wednesday August 27th and start shipping out the individual orders Thursday and Friday after that.

To order some of the cards please select the quantity from the drop down menu below and then click the PayPal “Buy Now” button. If you would like a quantity that is not represented please contact me and I’d be glad to fulfill the number of cards you’d like.

“September Abstraction 2014″ 5×7 Cards by Randy Thomas

Here is the video explaining how to join the Card Of The Month Club

BLOGGED spy museum

This photo was taken August 19th, 2003 at the Spy Museum in Washington DC. I was SO afraid of communism! (not) Can’t you tell?! I was told by a staffer that if I didn’t quit taking pictures I would be asked to leave the museum.

This was the start of my taking pictures in various DC venues and getting in trouble for breaking the rules. On one trip, I was told in no uncertain terms by Capitol Hill Police that if I took one more picture I would have my camera confiscated. I thought their tone was rude. I said, “I didn’t know I couldn’t take a picture in “the people’s” Senate building. The officer pointed to a plaque maybe three feet away that I hadn’t noticed. It said that flash photography would hurt the paintings. I turned beet red. #ShouldNoticeThatKindaStuff

Then one time I was wandering around trying to get an artsy weird angled pic of an American Flag outside some building. A police officer came up to me and brusquely said, “WHAT are you doing sir?” I thought that was a stupid question and I said, “Apparently I am trying to get a good picture of that flag.” I just kept on snapping pictures. He stood in front of me and blocked my view. “Sir, I am going to have to ask you to reconsider taking pictures here because it looks conspicuous. You are taking pictures of the Department of Justice Building. ” I didn’t realize it, and figured it out later, that I was taking pictures of the outside of John Ashcroft’s office (the Attorney General then). Since it was only a couple of years after 9/11, it wasn’t the best idea to be taking weird angle photos outside of the Attorney General’s office. I must have turned beet red again because the cop’s tone changed, “so you understand why I am asking you to stop?” #YesSir #Oopsy  I am still not sure that I didn’t have a right to take those pictures, but I agreed that it did look “conspicuous” so I stopped.

And that’s the story behind the photo :)

Responding To The Charge Of Apostasy

man tunnel light

Last week a religious activist went on a syndicated Christian radio talk-show and accused me of several acts against the church and God. Their response was a negative bias-driven summation of three posts: here, here, and here. The talk-show host agreed with him, and did not stop him when he charged me from afar to “repent of apostasy” and apologize for selling out and confusing the Body of Christ.

Neither of these folks contacted me about their charges before gossiping on a national radio program about my motivations for supporting civil gay marriage equality. As a result, I feel no need to break down the show and respond to every accusation. I obviously do not agree with their judgments or conclusions.

In this health and fitness update my total weight loss amount is a little scary, and I talk about resisting the urge to commit a felony. I hope you find this entertaining. Thanks to those of you who have been a great encouragement during this journey.

full never forget

Gay Civil Marriage Equality? Yes

marriage certificate

A consistent question I got after my post last Tuesday asked if I was truly, explicitly, saying that I supported gay civil marriage equality. The short answer is yes.

Now for the long answer :)

I thought that my previous post should focus on my experience, my change in opinion concerning past public policy work, and apology. I also thought that my support of gay civil marriage equality was implied and obvious. Regardless, I planned to write this post after that one anyway. For those that want to read the first post for some background and more on my personal views of marriage, please click here.

Now for today’s topic …

In the past, I used to quote Francis Schaeffer to justify my public policy activism by saying (emphasis mine);

“True spirituality covers all of reality.” – A Christian Manifesto, Francis Schaeffer

Today, I still believe that is true. However, I have learned that cultural religious activism shouldn’t define my spirituality in public policy reality. In the past, I willingly adopted a set of talking points, and modified my testimony, to fit the conservative culture war’s methodology and end game … not the Great Commission. To be clear, I did this because I genuinely believed it was the right thing for our country. I was wrong, and that is why I apologized in last Tuesday’s post. I also apologized for my work in public policy (among other things) last year.

Odd. After A Weird Week I Still Lost Weight! – Health & Fitness Update


Here is today’s health and fitness update! The above graphic gives all the current stats as of this morning. I am very excited to have lost anything because it has been a roller coaster of a week.

First we had the long Labor Day weekend holiday. I went to Alan & Leslie’s Monday and as always mucho delicious food was consumed. I didn’t go crazy but it was all rich and tasty! I went to work out that night but found the gym doors locked when I got there. I was four minutes late! They shut down early that evening for the holiday. So, right off the bat I missed my first workout of the week.