Card Of The Month – “October Fall Abstraction 2014″

Copyright Fall Abstraction October 2014 Randy Thomas

This month I wanted to capture the beautiful colors of autumn with an abstraction of a typical fall decoration in the United States; the cornucopia. If you don’t see it… that’s ok :). It’s there I promise.

I also wanted to apologize for this month’s card being so late. It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks, and a difficult month financially. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated. Also, don’t be surprised if the November Card Of The Month comes in just a couple of weeks as well.

As always, thank you for your support and friendship.

Love and Blessings,


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A Halloween Street Party Adventure

Graphic Credit: Dexter's

Graphic Credit: Dexter’s

I looked at my friend John and said, “Her Pirate costume defies the laws of physics.”

I seriously do not know how she could breathe, much less remain contained within her costume’s …umm… frame. In other words, it was super skimpy tight and she had a LOT to contain …

I will stop there.

My friend John was visiting from out-of-town this past weekend and we went out to have a cigar. The cigar bar, Coronas, is in a little strip of restaurants that is a popular area in Lake Mary. While there, they had sectioned off one of the side-streets for a Halloween street party. Pirate Girl, excuse me, Pirate Woman! (hear her AAARRGH!) was one of the early arrivals.

We stood around and I had a blast people-watching. There was plenty to observe as I stood there bopping around to the music. John seemed to enjoy the experience as well but left long before I did.

Y’all, these people were amazing …

Regaining Clarity: Back To Blogging & Work Update


After what felt like a jolt of clarity, Saturday I mentioned on my personal Facebook profile that I made an important decision. The decision was about my work situation.

About a month ago I started a new administrative position with a local chiropractor’s office. Their practice is only open three days a week and the first two weeks I only worked one day. At the time I thought it would be the perfect part time job, and the money was decent for a part-time position.

So when the doctor hired me, I stopped looking for another position. I respect the doctor and had a great time with his client’s but I will confess, it was difficult for me on several levels. It was tough, humbling, and yet something determined to make work. I am not one to give up. The Doctor said that I was doing a good job. The woman training me stated I was “a natural.” They were both so encouraging, but I kept coming home prayerful. I kept trusting that that God will manifest His will, and that my limited view would not stifle my talents.

It was disappointing that I did not have any time to do any writing either. I had not written anything for my blog or book in almost a month. I had not been creating any new artwork either. It was disheartening to not be able to see those “loves” on the horizon.

Then something happened that was like a jolt back to reality. A friend contacted me and said that he thought I would be able to help one of his clients. He and I have worked together in the past (he builds fantastic high-end websites). The person he connected me with owns a PR firm in the area. We connected the next day, and had a fantastic phone conversation. I met with the PR firm exec on Saturday morning and two hours later they had hired me for a trial of thirty days. This also has the potential to turn into something more (and fun) with their firm.