Randy ThomasFirst off, thanks for checking out my website! My name is Randy Thomas and I am an artist, writer, and speaker. If that didn’t keep me busy enough, I also happen to be an online content & social media manager.

That said, my favorite title is “Uncle Silly.” This honored designation was bestowed on me by my wonderful, fantastic, creative, beautiful, and amazing nieces!

My passion is to see God magnified and people edified through everyday experiences and our various creative gifts. As is often quoted, “I want to live my faith, and share my life.”

Like many, I have an online presence which contributes positively to my life in many wonderful ways. I’ve been participating in and building online communities for the past twenty years. I have traveled across the United States and abroad speaking, writing and addressing topics related to sexuality, relationships, and faith. In my former career as the last Executive Vice President of Exodus International, I contributed to several books and my own story has been featured in a full-page ad in The Los Angeles Times, as well as Chuck Colson’s book The Good Life, and in media outlets around the world. I am open about my faith in Jesus Christ and how he’s transformed the experiences of my past, relationships, identity and my heart since I first started this grace-walk with Him 22 years ago.

Many twists and turns have come along during this journey; the past couple of years especially. Of course, our Heavenly Father has always been loving and faithful. Today I rejoice in the open doors that grace unlocks, and enjoy experiencing the beauty and image of God in every person I have the good fortune to meet.

My goal is to use every last ounce of my creative energy and gifts to honor, bless, and to encourage others. Message me confidentially through the form below. I’d love to hear about your inspiration and passion.

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